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How to customize flexible packaging

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How to customize flexible packaging


Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to the Aluminum and plastic laminated vacuum bags,it can be applied to large precision machinery equipment,chemical raw material and Pharmaceutical Packaging.It is usually fur layers structure,has good water barrier property and  oxygen barrier property.It can be made in various specification and bag shape,it can be as flat pouch,stand up pouch ,side gusset pouch and so on.



Thickness : 70~180 mu, bag shape: Three side seal pouches, 


Aluminum foil bag,(anti-static aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil bag), product appearance characteristics : opaque, silvery white, have the burnish, good barrier property, heat sealing, covering optical activity, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrant; Non-toxic tasteless; Softness, etc. Product structure: PET/AL/PET/PE. Can be customized according to the requirements of different composite material and the thickness of the product. 38 ℃ or less storage environment temperature and humidity of 90% or less 5 routine, product specifications: the thickness of 0.10 mm and 0.14 mm, three side sealing,sealed side 10 mm, product specifications and sizes can be customized according to customer's demand.

Suitable for all kinds of circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, industrial products ,such as PC boards, IC integrated circuit, electronic components, SMT placement of all kinds of LED industry, the article lamp packaging, precision hardware, auto parts, and other packaging.

Food packing: rice, meat, dried fish, aquatic products,  roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, quick-frozen food, ham, sausages, cooked meat products, pickles, pickled meat sauce, bean paste, such as the flavor, color, quality, price. 



Product Name


Three layers


Four layers



Technical data


8-18 mu

Vapor transmission


Oxygen transmission


Composite strength


Edge strength


Puncture Strength

>24 pound

Heat sealing temperature





  1.Anti-oxidation, waterproof, moistureproof.

  2. Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, Strong resistance to puncture tear resistance

  3.Resistance to high temperature (121 ℃) and low temperature (- 50 ℃), oil resistant, good performance

  4.Avirulent insipidity, accord with standard of health food, pharmaceutical packaging

  5.Good heat sealing performance, softness, high separation performance



Aluminum foil bag can see from the name, the aluminum foil bag not a plastic bag, or even better than ordinary plastic bags. Now when you are cold or packaged foods, and as far as possible to ensure the freshness of food,  you should choose what kind of packing bag? Don't have a headache when it comes to choosing what kind of packing bag, aluminum foil bag is the best choice .


Common aluminum foil bag, its surface usually has the gloss properties, means it does not absorb light, and take the multilayer production, therefore, aluminum foil both good shading, also has the very strong insulated, and because of aluminum components inside, therefore also has the very good oil resistance and softness.


Now, with the production and sale of counterfeit goods that have been exposed, especially the safety accident problem of plastic bags, packing bags of a primary concern is not function, but its safety. However, consumers can rest assured that the aluminum foil bag is no poison and no special odor. It is absolutely green products, environmental protection, also accord with national health standard of the aluminum foil bag.




Through the ages people will bring gift when visiting relatives and friends, this has always been the traditional custom, We will take some aluminum foil bag packed hometown specialty dry goods or their own special snacks,  it is important to the heart. Something is ready made meal, however, on our way ,it is very easily go bad, so there are a lot of things very delicious but can not be taken away, and they were afraid when exposed to air, microorganism in food produce mildew and metamorphism, also may be due to the time is too long and lose the original food delicious. And now with the development of science and technology, these problems are solved.




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Customized plastic bags is a very rigorous work, a good packaging products need to give full consideration to the production, packaging, transportation, sales and so on each link. Guangzhou Good-luck packaging materials co., LTD is a professional custom plastic packaging manufacturers, the company has a professional research and development, the design team, can provide customers with free bag type design, material selection, creating unique plastic bags for your product.


Customer firstly consider about price, but considering different requirements for each customer , such as thickness, size, material and printing color, the price is different also. So,  please be sure to your requirements, so that we can quote you more competitive prices.

Customized plastic bags, first of all, need to make sure the size of the bag, more feasible method is a reference product. Can directly to some circulation channels such as the supermarket buy contents grams close to products, and then measure the basic size of the bag, the size including the height of the width of the bag, bag sealing side width. Some special bag type, such as folding bags, flat bags, also need to measure the size of the folded edge and the bottom of the bag, the measuring unit is millimeter commonly.


Plastic packaging material confirmation looks like simple, but an ideal packing material need to fully take into account the following issues: printing adaptability; Material cut off performance, such as oxygen resistance, water resistance and resistance of light; Material of heat sealing performance , In addition, the plastic packaging material validation also needs to consider the packing contents packing content, such as powder, granules or liquid. In addition, the plastic packaging material validation need to be considered the performance and characteristics of packaging equipment. Also, in the process of transportation other requirements. So, in order to safe, plastic packaging material to confirm to the best professional manufacturer to design. Changzhou goodluck packaging materials co., LTD has complete and advanced testing equipment and testing instruments.

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